Welcome to the world of gray, a color that has been trending for years and shows no signs of slowing down. It's perfect for modern living rooms because it can complement so many different styles from gray rustic farmhouse living room to gray modern farmhouse living room and everything in between. Gray is a neutral color that blends with other colors, making it a great choice for a modern farmhouse living room.

If you want to create a space that works with everything and can be easily decorated, gray is your best option. The key is finding the right shade light or dark and then pairing it with complementary colors like browns, yellows, blues and greens. In this post I'll show you 10 examples of these beautiful spaces.

1. White and Grey Color Combination

A room with a white and grey color combination is classic, but it can also be modern. This living room uses white walls to create a clean and modern look that’s perfect for any home. The dark grey furniture helps keep the space cozy, while still keeping it from looking too dark or gloomy. White and grey are both neutral colors, so they blend well with almost any other hue in your home.

You can also use this combination to create an accent wall in your living room. By painting one wall a contrasting color such as yellow or red on top of your existing paint job (or choosing another patterned wallpaper). You can add some flair without having to add new furnishings or accessories.

Paint your chosen accent wall using the same shades of grey as those found elsewhere in your house. This will make sure they match perfectly when combined together later on down the line. Remember, lighter tones tend towards being cooler while darker ones lean towards being warmer. If unsure of which direction would work best for yourself then stick with something close between each end. Because either way will work just fine depending upon what kind of moods we want our rooms.

2. Grey and yellow Color Combination

This room is full of warm neutrals and pops of yellow. The walls are a pale grey, the furniture is in dark brown and the accessories match. Yellow is used sparingly throughout the room to add some contrast, but it's not overwhelming at all. It actually gives this space a bright and happy feel without being too gaudy.

Yellow can be used on everything from walls to area rugs (like this one) to furniture pieces like lamps or luxury chairs, even pillows. You just need to use a shade that coordinates with all other colors in your decor scheme. You don't end up with something that clashes or looks too busy when you're trying to create balance within every element of your design scheme.

3. Grey, white and navy blue Combination

  • Paint the walls grey and use a white ceiling.
  • Use navy blue furniture in this room, including the sofa.
  • Accent with white curtains, accessories and rugs.

4. Grey and pink Color Combination

Pink and grey are a perfect color combination for a modern farmhouse living room. The pink adds a touch of femininity and the grey adds an elegant flair.

The two colors can easily be combined in many different ways, such as:

  • As accent colors, like on throw pillows or throw blankets (check out these bedding sets).
  • As main wall color, like this gorgeous pink sofa that has been paired with white walls and dark wood floors.
  • As trim and ceiling color, such as on the trim around windows & doors or over cabinets or bookcases.

5. Light Grey and Green Combination

  • Use light grey as the dominant color. Light grey can be used as a neutral, which means it will work with just about any other color.
  • Use green as an accent color. This is where I would use something like sage green or hunter green.
  • Use green in pillows and throw blankets. This is something that would tie together the room, especially if you have other things around your house that are also green.
  • Use green in artwork or wall décor. For this option, I would go with something like succulents (because they're easy to care for). Framed photos of flowers on your walls.
  • Use green plants/flowers in your home. When choosing plants and flowers for inside your home, make sure they match your style.

6. Grey and wood farmhouse living room

In a modern farmhouse living room, grey and wood go together. There are many ways to use wood in your home and it can create a cozy atmosphere or a rustic one. The use of wood furniture is also very popular as they look great with the modern farmhouse style.

Wooden flooring is an excellent choice for your living room because it will add warmth to your interior design ideas and it gives off an outdoor feel which goes nicely with the theme of this type of design. You could choose varnished planks or wooden shingles depending on what sort of look you want to achieve for your space.

7. Grey farmhouse living room with a fireplace

  • Opt for a dark grey couch.
  • Pick light grey furniture, such as a coffee table or side table.
  • Mix and match wood and metal pieces in the space to create balance.
  • Use white furniture for contrast against the darker tones in your room (like this side chair with an exposed wooden leg base) or incorporate it into designs that feature two different shades of gray (like these stools).
  • Accessorize using accessories that feature both silver hardware and natural materials like driftwood or river rocks (like these handcrafted earthenware pitchers).
  • Cover the floor with a rug featuring an organic pattern like gingham checks to ground your design while still keeping it modern (here's another similar option).

8. Dark grey modern farmhouse living room

Dark grey is a great color for a modern farmhouse living room. Dark grey creates a cozy and warm atmosphere, which is perfect for the winter season. It can be combined with white or yellow to create an eye-catching contrast of colors. It can also be combined with green to give your living room a fresh look and feel.


As you can see, there are many ways to create a gray farmhouse living room that is both chic and cozy. The key is finding the right balance between all of these elements. You don’t want your space to be too busy or too minimalistic. Instead, it should be somewhere in between so that it feels balanced out from top to bottom (or side-to-side). Adding touches of white or light wood will bring some brightness into the room while still keeping things neutral enough for any home decor style.