When it comes to decorating a home, farmhouse style is one of the most popular looks. The soft colors and traditional touches are perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of rustic charm to their aesthetic. But what if you want something more modern? Enter grey. When paired with white, gray can be perfectly suited for a variety of styles. From sleek and minimalistic to cozy and rustic. Here are some examples of grey modern farmhouse living room design:

Grey with White Undertones

The living room is the heart of any home. Here, you can relax with your family and friends after a long day at work. It’s also the place where you entertain guests and host parties. This room must be comfortable, relaxing, and welcoming. If you want to create a modern farmhouse living room that fits all these criteria then read on.

The first thing we need to do is decide on our color scheme. We’re going for something that has grey undertones with teal accents so let’s start by selecting our main color: grey. Then we have some other choices: white walls or green walls? White ceiling fan or no ceiling fan at all? White curtains or cream curtains? White coffee table or black coffee table?

While there are no right answers when it comes down to deciding which pieces fit best into your home design ideas (and budget!).  Here are some tips:

  • The most important factor will be how well they complement each other. So take note of how they feel together before making any final decisions.
  • If possible try out different combinations ahead of time using paint samples from your local hardware store.
  • Use neutral tones like white or cream instead of bright colors such as reds and blues because these will help keep things looking classy without detracting attention away from other elements like artwork.
  • Don't forget about contrast. This means using two different shades side-by-side rather than matching them exactly.

Charcoal Paisley Curtain Panels

  • Curtain panels are a great way to add color and texture to any room, and they can be used alone or in pairs.
  • The paisley pattern is a popular design for curtains in the modern farmhouse style because it's soft but has some architectural interest that makes it stand out from other patterns.
  • This particular paisley curtain panel is made with charcoal fabric, which is a neutral color that works well with almost any other color scheme you might have going on in your living room.

Dark Gray Velvet High-Back Chairs

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your living room furniture, the high-back chairs are a great way to do it. These chairs are a great way to add extra seating for guests, as well. The ottoman is a versatile piece that can be used for extra seating or as an end table. The dark gray velvet fabric on these pieces adds texture and color to your living room while still being neutral enough not to detract from the rest of your decorating scheme.

Silver Chandelier with Grey Sofa

A silver chandelier hangs over a sectional sofa that is covered in grey velvet. The rest of the room is furnished with other neutral colors like white and brown to keep everything cohesive.

Grey Cabinets with Black Handles

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and you should use it to showcase your family’s personality. It is also a great place to start when designing a modern farmhouse room.

The cabinets and appliances are a great place to start when decorating this space. Use dark colors for the cabinets and lighter colors for the flooring, countertops and backsplash. Stainless steel appliances will complement your dark cabinetry beautifully.

Make sure that you use stainless steel handles on all doors and drawers in this space so they match seamlessly with any other stainless steel fixtures elsewhere in the house (such as faucets or lighting fixtures). This will help tie together different rooms throughout your home that were designed by different professional designers into one cohesive design scheme.

Choose a darker color like black or gray if possible because these colors correspond perfectly with many other shades such as browns yellow tans oranges reds pinks purples etc.

A chic, low-key living room

  • Use grey as the main color.
  • Use light wood for accents, or paint the wall a shade of white or grey with a small amount of pattern.
  • Add greenery to your space, either by having plants in every room (and watering them), adding greenery to your furniture, or both.

Grey and pink living room

Grey and pink are a great pairing. The bolder color of pink works well to bring out the softness in grey, making it more feminine, while the grey can also bring out the fun in pink when used in larger doses.

If you want to use pinker than what we’ve featured here, but don't want things too feminine or juvenile, try adding some unexpected pops of other colors like green or blue to keep things modern and fresh.

A modern monochromatic living room

The use of grey as a neutral base can be seen throughout this living room. The grey walls, flooring and furniture create an easy-to-style backdrop for the contrasting colors found in other rooms on this tour. This is also a great way to add color if you want to create contrast but don’t know where to start.

Grey can also be used as a hue that helps set the mood in a room, which is why it often appears in modern spaces like these. By using several shades of greys throughout your space in varying tones, values and levels of saturation you can create an atmosphere that feels warm even though there are no other colors present.

A soft and serene living room

Your living room will be a place where you relax and unwind, so it needs to feel serene and peaceful. If your home is designed with a modern farmhouse aesthetic, then this look can be achieved through the use of light grey tones.

Monochromatic color schemes are also popular in modern farmhouse living rooms because they create a cohesive and consistent look throughout the space. You could choose one tone to dominate all other colors in your room: white or cream sofa, grey walls, soft greys on the furniture, etc. Or you could use neutral tones like taupe or brown as an accent color that complements all other elements that comprise the room’s design scheme (such as flooring).

By incorporating natural materials into your interior design (such as wood), you will help create a warm ambience for yourself and guests alike. Adding textures such as rugs can add warmth/softness too! The rug should also coordinate with any existing ones already there so that everything looks cohesive together.


We hope this post has inspired you to try grey in your home. Grey is a classic color that will never go out of style, but it’s also a great way to introduce some fresh new elements into your design! Whether you have an existing farmhouse aesthetic or are looking for something more modern, these living rooms are sure to give you some inspiration.