With endless choices in the market, picking kitchen cabinets can be overwhelming. While you can browse home improvement blogs and Pinterest, creating an initial checklist to narrow your ideas is also great. 

The important thing to remember is that you should always pick what is best for you in the long term. After all, if you pick high-quality kitchen cabinets, they will easily last a lifetime. 

Consider Your Budget

The first thing to consider as you design your kitchen is your budget. Although you will come across many design ideas for your cabinets on Pinterest and social media sites like Instagram, they are too expensive. Consider your budget and find the best price/ performance ratio when choosing custom cabinets. 

So, instead of thinking about the shiny cabinets you saw online, go to an online or physical store with a set budget in your mind. Let customer service know your kitchen renovation budget, or choose a price range on the site. This will tell you your limit so you can select your cabinets accordingly. 

Pick a Style

Now that you know your kitchen renovation budget, you can start thinking about a style. You will find many kitchen design ideas that have various constructions and cabinet styles. Your cabinet style depends entirely on your aesthetic and the look you want in your kitchen. While you can pick a modern-style kitchen, you may even prefer a traditional one.

Choosing modern kitchen cabinets is perfect if you want a millennial kitchen. On the other hand, rustic details create a traditional atmosphere in your kitchen. Consider the rest of the house’s design as well. Your cabinets should work together with the color and style of the other areas for a harmonious home.

Pick a Door Design

Cabinet doors shape impacts your kitchen’s look the most. Material and design are important elements in creating your dream kitchen when the renovation ends. If you want to keep it safe, go for shaker-style cabinets, the most common and delicate design options. It is a basic with handles and frames that will satisfy your eyes and give you a practical kitchen experience. 

If you want something marginal, opt for glass doors. But they will need more cleaning and tidiness. Don’t opt for it if you always find it hard to keep your kitchen appliances in order. 

There are also many other design options, like raised panels, flat panels, and slabs. The best way to pick a design is by spending time online and checking as many as possible. 

Pick a Wood Type

Other than style and door design, consider the wood type you want to use in your cabinets. The material for your cabinets is the most important element of your future kitchen since it is the core of all your design. For example, you can pick oak wood, which is preferred because of its durability and strength. Depending on your design, you can pick the wood from red or white oak trees. 

Other wood types include pine wood, maple, ash, hickory, birch, and cherry. You can pick one by assessing its color and texture. Also, ask your cabinet maker how they react to stains as you work in the kitchen. But oak is still the best option.